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<< Approved by Ministry of Education & Ministry of social affairs of UAE


International Holistic Guidance & Research Centre (IHGRC)

​IHGRC is a psycho-social skill development center approved by Ministry of Education & Ministry of Social Affairs of United Arab Emirates. It is established in Sharjah to addresses the entire spectrum of human problems along with the physical, psychological, social, intellectual spiritual, environmental, cultural,educational and lifestyle aspects to help our clients through multidisciplinary intervention approach for the holistic development. Most of our services aims to maximize each potentials through individualized, goal-oriented and mostly developmentally sequenced programs to deliver through scientific training methodology


  • "My Son entered the exam hall confidently, wrote the exam and passed it as well.I am very happy to see my son enter to the Grade I and I thank you for all your support".- Kumar Sanu
  • "After coming to your centre, I have noticed many changes in my son. I am especially grateful for your team's effort as he is able to work with you all easily and is becoming independent. Thank you for all your support" - Anil Rathor, Dubai
  • "Since Joining the Holistic Centre, my Son's repetitive speech has gone down remarkably and we're better able to communicate with him now. Thanks for your professional team and all your support" - Mishal Shan
  • "As he keeps visiting your centre, We are optimistic to see more and more improvement in behaviour as well as Communication Skills. Thank you for your holistic approach for my son"- A D Gupta
  • "I appreciate your OT Sessions which helps my daughter to improve her motor skills" - Hazel Motwani, RAK
  • "I thank you for the weekly updating diary of my daughter. So that we can also practice the same activities in our home. Keep up the Good Work "- Swati Baneerjee,Ajman
  • "Our child had joined IHGRC at age 3.5. The program created for him was impressive & he settled into the place very easily and enjoyed going there. IHGRC was also very responsive to our requests and prompt at giving feedback. And we could even reach them in the evenings. When my child left IHGRC at age 4.5, his eye contact, responsiveness and hyperactivity situations had improved. From being almost non-verbal in the beginning, he'd started making need-based demands verbally. That's considerable improvement!" - Mathews Varghese
  • "It's been great to visit your institution and understand the various activities of your institution. I am sure that you're contributing a lot to the upcoming young generation in UAE. My best wishes for the future endeavours" - Dr.Paul Antony
  • "I am so happy for my son. After sending to your Centre, he has improved his concentration and decreased his irritability and irrelevant self-talk. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and looking forward to see more changes in my dear son" - John Buttac
  • "Those counselling sessions which you provided to my son has really helped him to the normal life. Thanks to entire holistic team" - Durga Datta Singh


  • We're happy to inform you that we are completing the second successful year in Sharjah. Thanks to all our Well-wishers
  • Holistic Aptitude Assessment: An Internationally standardized psychometric assessment for adolescence which covers the testing of Abilities, Personality, Interest and Career Aptitude
  • We have started the Special Education Needs (SEN) services across Sharjah and expanded to different Emirates of UAE
  • We have three batches are currently running. Our Batch Timings are: 10.00 am - 1 pm, 11.00 am - 3.00 pm, 4.00 pm - 6.00 pm
  • Friday will be the holiday for the Centre
  • Any assistance for the Transportation facilities of the students, Please contact 0505128264
  • Our Research and Development Department has published scientific Papers in the Internationally Indexed Journals and Edited books on Mental Health.
  • We have collaborated with various International Organizations such as World Health Organization, University Grants Commission, United Nations Development Fund and UNICEF for various interventions in Mental health.




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