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Advisory Council

Advisory Council

The Advisory council assists the IHGRC to set and achieve strategic objectives by providing insight, advice, and support relative to programs and development endeavors. The advisory council was established to provide a forum for interaction and communication among executive council to advance the goals of our initiative and broaden opportunities of our holistic services to multicultural clients in United Arab Emirates. We are proud of our advisory council to be present here.

Dr Cherian P Kurien
Director School of Social Work
Marian College Kuttkkanam,Kerala-India
Vice President,Kerala Association
of Professional Social Workers(KAPS)

Dr Sojan Antony
Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Christ University, Bangalore

Dr Sreepriya C K
Principal, Little Flower Institute
of Social Sciences & Health(LISSAH)

Dr John Johnson
Professor & Associate Dean
Marian College Kuttikkanam
Kerala, India

Dr Anish K R
Head, Department of Social Work, Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Cochin

Fr Johnson Joseph
Assistant Professor
Dept of Psychology
Kuriakose Alias College
Kottayam, Kerala-India

Dr B Jayaraj
Senior Psychologist
Director RISHI Psychological Services
Quilon, Kerala-India

Mr Joshy Joseph
Community Social Worker
Team Leader Good Samaritan Society
Edmonton,8861-75 street

Mr Isac Thomas
International Trainer
President ASK Counseling & Psychotherapy