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Holistic Aptitude Assessment

The Holistic Aptitude Assessment is a multi dimensional comprehensive schedule which assesses the holistic aspects of a student’s life. The major components are focused on Academia – Persona – Career. This comprehensive package of internationally valid and approved psychometric measures will definitely pave way to a holistic change in the life of a student. Knowledge about these three elements are extremely essential for today’s young generation. While understanding the academic faculties in the backup of their career choices and interests along with their basic personality traits can lead you up the ladder of success.

The details of the Holistic Aptitude Assessment are as follows:

a) Academic Aptitude
The Academic Aptitude Assessment assesses the different abilities of a student.

The test evaluates the following areas: verbal ability, numerical ability, spatial ability, closure ability, clerical ability, reasoning ability and mechanical ability. The verbal ability tests measures the level of comprehension to words and ideas both on oral and written language. The numerical ability tests gauges the proficiency in manipulating and playing with numbers and related operations. The spatial ability test is concerned with the skills in perception of spatial patterns with accuracy. Closure ability tests are concerned with measuring the ability to fill in the gaps or missing parts of a whole, which is based on Gestalt psychology. Clerical ability is perceptual activity primary concerned with making rapid evaluations of features of visual stimuli. Reasoning ability tests and mechanical ability tests measure logic and understanding of the many basic mechanical principles respectively.

b) Personality

Personality Tests helps to assess our Personality through different observatory patterns. The Multidimensional Personality Assessment is constructed to measure 20 dimensions covering adaptability, achievement, motivation, boldness, competition, enthusiasm, general ability, guilt proneness, imagination, innovation, leadership, maturity, mental health, morality, self control, sensitivity, shrewdness, self sufficiency, suspiciousness, social warmth and tension. The assessment will reval more about an Individual’s emotions, hidden abilities and expressions. Being a budding citizen of a nation and a prospective aspirant of a promising career, the students can get a better understanding about themselves which is most important in the present society.

c) Interest

The CIS is an objective device measuring interest in eight broad vocational areas. Each vocational area has two sub fields (except the last two). These eight broad areas are as following: (1) Influential - administrative and enterprising, (2) Venturous - defense and sports, (3) Artistic - creative and performing, (4) Scientific - medical and technical, (5) Analytical - expressive and computational, (6) Social - humanitarian and education, (7) Nature and (8) Clerical. It provides scores on fourteen occupational interest areas. This test will open up the real interest areas of the students, thus giving them a clear definition towards achieving their goals