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Holistic Guidance :Unique approach

‘Holism’ is a term from the Greek word holos, which means ‘whole’. ‘The whole is more than the sum of its parts’ (from Aristotle’s Metaphysics). When we apply this concept to human beings, it brings awareness that we cannot know a person without understanding different aspects of their life and analyzing the impact of the interrelationships between those aspects. The concept of holistic care is not restricted to the field of medicine and health care. It requires adopting an approach that emphasises on the need to look at the whole person and consider their physical, environmental, emotional, social, spiritual and lifestyle situation.

                                                  To achieve this, you attempt to understand the interplay of personal, relationship and social factors that affect the current situation for each client. This approach recognises that people need resources, support and knowledge so they can make choices that will enable them to function better in their environment (Berger, RL, McBreen, JT, & Rifkin, MJ 1996)