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<< Approved by Ministry of Education & Ministry of social affairs of UAE

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

IHGRC provide comprehensive mental health and development services that holistically embrace the needs of the clients or client group and those who care for and educate them with prime focus for holistic happiness, health and wellbeing.


1. To provide scientifically designed holistic services to children, adolescents, youth and family for :

•Physically healthy
•Mentally alert
•Emotionally secure
•Socially competent
•Able to learn
•Positive Lifestyle
•Culturally and spiritually aware
•Improve creativity.

2.  To promote creation of environments which encourage exploration, curiosity, and creativity through skill based trainings and workshops.

3.  To facilitate development of self-confidence and to provide children with the academic foundation necessary for them to reach their true potential and enjoy successful higher education.

4.  Building a high-performing, inclusive organization of groups and individuals who are committed to promoting excellence in holistic guidance for young children. For that we organize and support educational gatherings, meetings, workshops, classes, and other similar events related to carry out this mission.

5.  To conduct and promote researches recognized for innovation and excellence in children, adolescents and youth development services by collaborating and partnering with others who share our values.

Our Vision

To be an organization of global excellence in quality guidance and training through specialized holistic services and developing healthy individuals, families and society.

Efforts are designed to achieve these ends:
•To provide the holistic services to multicultural clients at United Arab Emirates are for physically healthy, mentally alert, emotionally secure, socially competent, able to learn, culturally and spiritually aware and aesthetically creative.
•A Society where people are having values, respect and dynamism to be able to achieve their goals in their life.
•A blissful, healthy and creative environment for people which helps to solve their own problems.
•Secure, supportive, learning environment with opportunities for children to build up the knowledge and skills to become a responsible citizen.
•A society where children are having Potential, Productivity, capacity to be Resilient, for themselves, their families and to the society.
• Providing professional development opportunities and resources for those who work for and with young children.
•Convening individuals and groups with diverse perspectives to generate new knowledge and understanding of issues affecting development of young children and their families.