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What We Offer?

Research & Education

Research is a core function of the IHGRC and is an essential part in improving the health and well–being of individuals now and in the future. Our Research & Development aims to evaluate current interventions and develop evidence-based research and management, with the ultimate goal of advancing and enhancing the quality of services available to children, young people and families through collaborations with National & International Projects. Those evidence-based researches will be publish in the high impact factor journals for further deliberations and discussions to academicians, practitioners as well as to the public. We alsohave collaborated with various International Organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, ICSSR, UGC, UNDP for various research projects.

Our Community Centre is focused primarily to raise public awareness among Children, Adolescents, Youth and the concept of Family development through the holistic concept. This includes educating and collaborating with hospitals, schools, charity institutions, counseling centres and related organizations in hosting and participating in national and international awareness events.

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