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<< Approved by Ministry of Education & Ministry of social affairs of UAE

Target group

Target group & Relevance

We targeted Children, Adolescents, Youth and family members for our specially designed services.

In this fast moving world people are trying to cope with the demands from family, friends, colleagues, superiors and society which leads to number of psycho social problems such as stress, severe anxiety, tensions, depression, isolation, financial issues, family problems. A country like United Arab Emirates, were multi-national and multi-cultural people coming together to work to cope with these life demands which effects to increase psycho social problems. To resolve the crises they face require assistance in physical, mental, social, spiritual and recreational activities which will increase their ability to live a functional life.

Our aim is to develop individuals to become the very best or finest that they can be and enabling them to cope with the psycho-social problems they face and the daily challenges through structured holistic guidance which includes Psychological & Social Counseling, Yoga & meditation, Physical education and fitness, Skill development and Art & craft training to children, youth and family in Sharjah, UAE.